Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt confirmed in Gully Boy Film

I knew long time back that Ranveer Singh ( Bollywood Actor ) will be part of the Gully Boy Film, but I when I heard that Alia Bhatt ( Bollywood Actress ) was casted in this film, I got a little skeptical.  Now, I don’t know if Alia is familiar with the “real” Indian Hip Hop scene, but I will be major critical how she plays the part in the realm of India’s underground hip hop culture. She has been bashed for not knowing much about current affairs and history.  Acting wise, she’s got star power, but having a hard time connecting with the audience.   I like Ranveer Singh persona, acting, and his positive outlook through social media. However, I will be a heavy critic on the production of this film, which will be Directed by Zoya Ahktar of Excel Entertainment.  Why?  Well, besides being a dance choreographer, I am an aspiring film maker; so visual cinematography and extracting culture onto film is something I dream to be a part of, especially in Bollywood.  

The premise of the movie is loosely based on an iconic Mumbai rapper, my long time friend, Divine and our movement GULLY GANG plus Naezy, a very talented rapper who was featured in India’s memorable underground song “Mere Gully Mein”.

Gully Gang – Mumbai Rappers – Divine and Naezy

There are a lot of upcoming rappers in India, and they are finally finding their language and groove.  A lot of Westerners ( mostly Desis in US and Canada ), don’t take them very seriously.  I have much respect for Indian Hip Hop by living through it, seen it, and be a part of this urban culture.  Dance, Music, Art, etc…

Divine is officially signed by Sony Music India, and he earned it, after many years of putting the underground work.  He is on the same label as Badshah, who’s put out Bollywood hits after hits, such as “Let’s Nacho”, “DJ Waley”, “Kar Gayi Chull”.  While Badshah has taken mainstream.  Divine and the Gullygang movement has been hitting hard in the Underground sector.


Now getting back to this movie project which they plan to Film during November 2017; I had a discussion with Divine and Gangis Khan on this film project while I was in Mumbai back in December 2016.  They are hoping they won’t ruin the authenticity of Indian Hip Hop and the Slum struggle. Divine is definitely in contact with Ranveer, and I hope he is guiding him every step of the way.

Soundtrack for Gully Boy: I hope they do the Movie Soundtrack justice.  I’ll be shock if Divine and Nucleya are not on the track list.  I hoping it won’t have that Bollywood Movie Musical feel.  Instead will show raw talents and urban feel, kind of like Netflix’s “Get Down” or Eminem’s “8-Mile” movie.  I am optimistic, excited, and will be looking forward to this film.  Zoya Ahktar has directed some great films like “Luck By Chance”, “Zindagi Na Dil Dobara”, “Dil Dhadakne Do”. I am hoping Divine will be featured or get a small acting role and our Gully Gang movement will make a cameo feature in this Film!!!  

My students from USA representing GULLY GANG movement
Gullygang Video Playlist

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