TamashaSD.com – 2017 Exhibition Act

TamashaSD Exhibition Act

Happy New Year to family, friends, and the world.  The website is up and running, but a work in progress.  I would like to kick off the new year with our first event performance Tamasha San Diego, Saturday January 28th at Shiley Theater in University of San Diego.

TamashaSD is an intercollegiate national dance competition held right here in my hometown of San Diego.  It is organized by young graduates and Alumnus of University of California San Diego.  “It student-led non-profit entertainment company aiming to raise awareness of South Asian culture in the U.S. and promote education in the arts abroad. Dance is an integral part. Our competitions will showcase the talent of such youth to inspire a widespread interest in the South Asian arts. Education in the arts, such as dance, is essential for a child’s holistic development, which is why TamashaSD supports New Light India, a non-profit charitable trust that benefits those at risk in the red-light districts of Kolkata, India.” ( www.tamashasd.com )

I am proud to announce for the 2nd year in a row, my students will be performing again as an Exhibition Act.  I have specially selected 50 enthusiastic students, 20 returning, and 30 newbies who have never experience a show like this.  This performance is very modern and will feature a lot of fun punch lines to entertain this energetic college crowd.

The children have practiced very hard for this event.  Most of the students have been with me for 7 years.  The age ranges from 15 years old to as young as 6 years old.  It was the first time incorporate 5 class groups into one combine performance.  Not only working on choreography but also post-production recording and acting.  One thing I try to do is incorporate the Bollywood production aspect of the performance.

Last year’s performance, we incorporate film, dance, and acting.  This will be no different.  The children will be Snapchat-ing and Instagram-ing the event using hashtag #tamashasd .

ZINDAGI – Richa Upadhyay, Serena Patel, Mansi Jain, Ritu Gaikwad, Vanya Gupta, Karishma Patel, Ridhi Mishra

AGNI – Saaya Sitlani, Sanya Sitlani, Keerith Vij, Savera Soin, Ishita Vasishtha, Hailey Mitchell, Esha Walia, Noor Kambo

GULLYGANG  – Prateek Vyas, Atharva Kudrimoti, Varnit Gupta, Ishan Zaveri, Vunsh Chawla, Sanskar Lochab

ROYAL INDIANS – Raghav Jain, Karam Kambo, Neil Rao, Aarav Chawla, Vishnu Aravind, Gautam Gupta, Brij Bharadwaj

SHER BHANGRA– Jagroop Vij, Kanvar Soin

TAMASHA GIRLS – Aarna Chawla, Sahana Parekh, Meha Jain, Rhea Jain, Medha Aravind, Joan Benish

SITAARE GIRLS – Anusha Zaveri, Deeshi Gupta, Aashi Lochab

DISHOOM BOYZ – Shaan Patel, Shiven Swani, Milan Gupta, Ronik Gupta, Neal Sethi, Arjun Shah, Anish Boorla, Rohan Roy, Adit Gownipalli

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