Tamasha SD 2017 – Thank You

Zindagi and Agni Girls

Another fantastic SOLD OUT show!! Extremely proud of Tamasha SD staff, the college teams, and my wonderful exhibition group, the students of Jonathan Bosco Film and Dance International Studio.  I received a lot praise from parents and friends from the community.  The newbies had no idea about the event and were excited and happy.  My students were cheering for all the college dance team’s performing that night . I had 20 returned dance students, and we added 30 new selected students for this event.

I’m extremely proud of my students whom were exhibition act of the night and rocked the show. They danced their all and getting a lot of cheerful noise from the college teams and crowd.  It’s an experience they will never forget.  Out of the 800 attendees, 300+ are my student’s family and friends that came to support the kids and the event.  I am truly a blessed to have a large support from the family and community.


My sister, Nikita ( Freshman at University of Arizona ), and her best friends, Alyssa ( Freshman at University of Southern California ), Sarah (Freshman atUniversity of San Diego  ), Tucker (Freshman atNorthern Arizona University ) all drove down to see Tamasha SD again.  They enjoyed the event so much last year , that they did not want to miss it this year.

Huge Thank you to my Volunteers & Parents that helped me out with Food, Costumes, seating arrangement and more.
Tamasha Girls, Sitaare Girls, Dishoom Boyz

Thank You Heart-fully to TAMASHA SD Board members for giving my kids an opportunity to showcase their dance to this exciting audience.  It’s a memory that is going to last a lifetime for them.  You have no idea how happy they are!  Some of them are already planning what college dance team they want to join.  You have set the again the standard of South Asian events in San Diego.  You guys are embarking on an incredible journey.

Congratulations to UC Berkely Azaad ( 1st Place ), UT Austin Nach Baliye ( 2nd Place ), UCLA Nasha ( 3rd Place ).  Winning teams have received points towards the championship show, The 7th Annual Bollywood America, which will be held on April 8th, 2017 in Dallas, Texas!  All the teams that competed this night, were absolutely fantastic.  I have seen the growth in the circuit and it’s truly amazing to watch.  So many strong teams in this new generation of Bollywood / Filmi-Fusion dance.  Other competing teams: UCI Zamana, UT Dallas Sharaara, Texas Mohini, UC Davis Lashkara, USC Zeher.

 This year, I was not a judge; I actually wanted to enjoyed the event. Once again, all the hard work and dedication from the staff to the students all paid off.  Hope to see you all back again next year!


ZINDAGI – Richa Upadhyay, Serena Patel, Mansi Jain, Ritu Gaikwad, Vanya Gupta, Karishma Patel, Ridhi Mishra

AGNI – Saaya Sitlani, Sanya Sitlani, Keerith Vij, Savera Soin, Ishita Vasishtha, Hailey Mitchell, Esha Walia, Noor Kambo

GULLYGANG  – Prateek Vyas, Atharva Kudrimoti, Varnit Gupta, Ishan Zaveri, Vunsh Chawla, Sanskar Lochab

ROYAL INDIANS – Raghav Jain, Karam Kambo, Neil Rao, Aarav Chawla, Vishnu Aravind, Gautam Gupta, Brij Bharadwaj

SHER BHANGRA– Jagroop Vij, Kanvar Soin

TAMASHA GIRLS – Aarna Chawla, Sahana Parekh, Meha Jain, Rhea Jain, Medha Aravind, Joan Benish

SITAARE GIRLS – Anusha Zaveri, Deeshi Gupta, Aashi Lochab

DISHOOM BOYZ – Shaan Patel, Shiven Swani, Milan Gupta, Ronik Gupta, Neal Sethi, Arjun Shah, Anish Boorla, Rohan Roy, Adit Gownipalli

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