Suede Gully sponsored by Puma – Crosses 3.5 Million Views

It has been forever posting something on my website. I’m very blessed for this season’s enrollment for dance class. This has been the largest class enrollment to date. In just two years I went from a small 30 students to 150+ students. A lot of challenges but grateful to inspire the new generation. This video is perfect timing! I am super pumped for the future of Hip Hop culture in India and the Desi art realm.

Puma has released a music video this week which features my awesome friend and Mumbai’s hottest rapper, Divine. Seeing his journey is amazing. This video is a must watch; there is a cultural shift in India’s artistic expression.

“This season, the iconic PUMA Suede has a new story to tell. A story of India‚Äôs largest street collaboration” [ Puma Youtube Channel ] Puma has announced it’s 50th Anniversary of the Suede design edition. I am a Puma shoe fan, I use to have Brown Puma Roma for breakdance. To this date is the brand for dance wear.

Suede Gully is the expression of authentic and unadulterated skill, talent and story – a creative collective of a new generation of artists whose art is rich with soul.
Suede Gully brings together 4 languages from across the Indian subcontinent, 8 rappers, 7 street artists, 4 dance crews and over 36 dancers. It is a creative endeavor that perfectly captures the grit of the Indian streets. After all, the streets are where it all begins.

Music Director: Sneha Khanwalker
Directed by: Sasha Rainbow
Rappers: Divine, Prabh Deep, Khasi Bloodz and Madurai Souljour
Dancers and dance crews: Mukti Mohan, Unity Crew, Unity One, Black Ice Crew and Beast Mode Crew.
Artists: Shilo Shiv Suleman, Anpu, The Indian Artist and Baadal Nanjundaswamy.

I have seen this part of the culture since 2007, 10 years later Hip Hop is alive and well and it’s booming in India.

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