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I promised I would write more blogs on this website and also share valuable dance shows, classes, and films in my hometown of San Diego ( sorry Toronto ).  People have asked me “Why don’t you have Bollywood Cardio classes at your program”.  While I am a big into health and fitness, it’s really not my “calling” or “style” in conducting Cardio classes.  I do once in a blue moon.  However, I can definitely recommend the a studio that offers the best Bollywood Dance Cardio and more on a weekly basis.

Studio K Dance and Fitness,   Studio owner, and long-time SD friend, Kavita Sheth, has been offering quality and satisfying end-result Cardio and Fitness class in Kearny Mesa, San Diego.  The have Bollywood Cardio Dance classes, very similar to Zumba.   They even have Bolly-Belly with Kavita, and Bhangra Cardio as well with certified Instructors.

One of the most SOLD OUT and Jam-packed classes, is Zumba Instructor, David Ramirez.  Everytime I stop by, that place is dancehall, upbeat, and jam’n.  If you are not in the Bollywood or Bellydance mood, definitely check out the Hip Hop & Hip Hop Cardio Classes with Alvin Ruzo, Cameron Toledo and CJ Simon.  Plus Yoga, Barre, and more…

I work closely with Kavita and Alvin Ruzo ( Zumba Instructor ) with Theme Park productions events.  2 years ago, Studio K helped me find and audition young upcoming industry level dancers to put on a Bollywood Dance Interactive Show at Wild Animal Safari Park San Diego ( Escondido ) part of the Summer Safari Asian Celebration.  We had such Rave reviews, that the theme park wanted the dancers back the following year.  I’m excited for the upcoming season to work with a very talented group of dancers and choreographers.  This year will be very unique and will resemble the essence of Bollywood culture.

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