San Diego Sanedo 2017 – Thank You

San Diego Sanedo
Jazzy 8 and Nasha Girls

This year the 2nd year Tamasha Board introduced brand new dance competition in San Diego, called San Diego Sanedo, focusing on Raas Garba.  Yet again another high quality event.  It was not sold out like Tamasha SD Bollywood Edition, the teams still brought the energy and intensity that you won’t see at any other Desi Event.  Once. Extremely proud of Tamasha SD staff, the college teams, and my wonderful exhibition group, the students of Jonathan Bosco Film and Dance International Studio.

I received a lot praise from parents and friends from the community.  This year I took another class group Rimjhim ( Jazzy 8 ) and Nasha Girls.  I exposed them the world of Desi College dancing, and the students had no idea about raas garba competition.  Some of them are use to being at Navratri and Festival of Lights style.  They were pleasantly surprised to see all the team’s themes, colorful outfits, and creative version of Raas Garba.

10 Years ago, I was on a Penn State Raas team called the Ghaamudyaz, I still have the jacket.

  The dance styles have changed so much.  One clear difference between West Coast and East coast was the partnering.  This had to be the first west coast Indian dance competition, where all East Coast teams swept the placings.  The collegiate teams that won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are , UVA Hoosraas, UMBC Raascals, UNC Tarheel Raas.

The Indian community missed a very great show.  I’m looking forward to another fantastic event by the Tamasha SD board

Exhibition Act Performer’s Name

JAZZY 8 Girls – Mihika Gupta, Swasti Singhai, Bhumi Kumar, Kali Saini, Anika Seth, Shefali Chaubey, Priya Tantod, Gaheera Babbar

NASHA Girls – Divya Sharma, Sonali Sharma, Avani Ganesan, Isha Nayak, Anika Nayak, Shyla Gupta

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