Merrick Hanna – Humma Humma – Bollywood Popping Freestyle Video

My mom tellsĀ me all the time I was freestyling ( new jack swing style’n / bboying ) to Prabhu Deva performance Ā tracks way back in 1996. Ā I love freestyle, but I was never exposed to the choreo world until way late in life. Ā Bboy Remind says it best, [ Freestyling ] is like a a meditation, you clear out all the negative energy who have inside of you and release it through creativity on the dance floor. Ā Another “wake-up” moment comes from one of my favorite Aritst growing up and World of Dance Legacy recipient, Flowmaster, he said what Greg Campbell Lock told him:

“When you have Power, when you get into that high spot, you have responsibility to bring people up, not bring people down, you teach people to go up, never shoot them down”

Few days ago, I was invited by the Hanna Family to share some Bollywood style movement to San Diego’s own, an extremely talented, rising dance star, Merrick Hanna . Ā I challenged him with various Indian music from Traditional Folk sound to Nucleya’s recent Album. Ā Above is the Freestyle video of him on a recent popular Bollywood song and remake from OK Jannu – Humma Humma Song

Bollywood Industry, if you see him, put him in your next movie!!! Ā I’m excited to teach and work on couple video concept projects we had in mind. Ā The Hanna family are incredibly sweet, and it’s amazing how much they encourage him to keep pushing and be role model to the kids.
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